Antonija Mišura

Antonija Misura Basketball Body Hotness in Full Pictorial Glory

When we ran some photos of Croatian Olympic basketball hottie Antonija Misura during the London Games, man, did we get flooded with crayon-written letters demanding to see the full photo series of Antonija in her white top in her boudoir. And, as usual, we totally forgot that we meant to get you these photos. We are horrible boyfriends.

But, we did finally remember, and we hope it’s worth the wait. Antonija is the most attractive women’s basketball player we’ve ever seen and to say we’d like to violate her in the paint or take her to the hole, well, that goes without saying. Though it does not go without imagining, I assure you.

What a world we live in  – super fine Croatian basketball hotties! Enjoy.

Olympics Hottie Profile: Antonija Mišura Drops Hot Blonde Jumpers for Croatian Basketball

Say what you will about women’s basketball…. okay, we’re waiting for you to finish… now, there go our negative thoughts… but it’s about to get a whole lot hotter with the Olympiad assistance of Antonija Mišura, the amazing looking sextastic Croatian Woman’s Basketballer.

Now, I’m barely just beginning to pronounce her first name, and I know I will never master her last, but for the sake of expediency with the Olympic Games beginning tomorrow, let’s just call her Super Hottie Blonde Baller. Can not wait to watch her hit the boards. Enjoy.