Anne Vyalitsyna

Anne Vyalitsyna in a Killer Black Bikini Showing Off Her Lithesome Lovely Lady Form

Are you really not in Miami yet? Still at work elsewhere? Well, you (and I) are missing one of the single best times of the year to be along the South Florida beaches. It's a bounty of international model and actress beauties in their skimpiest of bikinis the past week or so, including today slender Russian hottie Anne Vyalitsyna who just looked like she was born to be a breaker of male hearts, if not other anatomical regions.

Sure, I'd love to feed Anne Vyalitsyna a couple cheeseburgers and a malted daily until she gets to my perfect weight, determined more by touch than by scale, but as far as the ladies who need to keep themselves skinny to strut the catwalk, Anne V. is the model of hotness. I'm pretty sure her funbags are talking to me from beneath their mini-bondage top. Come to Miami, they are calling, and get yourself into a whole lot of trouble. Enjoy.

Anne Vyalitsyna Topless Unclothed Goodness in Mariano Vivanco Shoot (VIDEO)


I'm not sure how I missed this personal project photoshoot the first time around, but it looks to be about a year ago that famed celebrity skin photographer Mariano Vivanco got Anne Vyalitsyna to take off all her clothes and hit the beach to pose-off for his cameras. Yes, he threw in a couple dudes for no good reason (so please, watch the video with some man-sight caution), but he managed to capture the natural beauty of this newly single (I might add) supermodel just posing and preening in her bare nekkid body at the beach.

Anne V. has serious innate talent. Talents. I can't stop looking at them. What a fortunate day indeed. Enjoy.

Anne Vyalitsyna in Lingerie for Esquire

Do you happen to like hot Russian supermodels in their lingerie. If so, my friend, you are in the right place.

Anne Vyalitsyna is getting into some little silky nothings for Esquire magazine, just maybe to show her old boyfriend what he's missing, to attract some new boyfriends, or simply just to make us smile broader today all over. Something about her hands on those pink bra straps leave me wondering if this scene is about to get a whole lot better when the camera stops rolling. It often does. This is the main reason for a man to own a camera. Enjoy.

Nina Agdal, Kate Upton, and Anne Vyalitsyna Heat Up Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Party in Vegas

While the good folks at Sports Illustrated have kept their pictorial booty pretty much under lock and key this go-round, one thing they will not hide are promotional events for the super hotties gracing the pages of the Swimsuit Edition this February, including Nina Agdal, who you know we thought should have been the cover girl, partially because we predicted she would be, and partially because she's just so effin' good looking, Kate Upton, blonde bombshell and hard to say not deserving of another cover, Anne Vyalitsyna, ridiculously sextastic Russian girl toy, and a gaggle of other of our favorite ladies of the two-piece modeling mode.

All in Sin City to promote the magazine that SI really really wants you to buy this year. Hey, they did bring the hot ladies to the party. Something to be said for that, even if they're not really sharing. Enjoy.

You can see all of the S.I. Swimsuit Edition photos currently available on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit official webpage.

Anne Vyalitsyna Bikini Pictures Continue Their Sextastic Run in Miami Beach

Anne Vyalitsyna decided to extend her Thanksgiving hot body bikini vacation through the long weekend, or, three more bikinis worth of days, which provided us with even more sweet model body goodness to gawk and leer and finally fill out our applications for the Anne Vyalitsyna fan club.

Apparently, the smoking hot Russian model is now doinking some new dude since she split with Adam Levine, and while we wish we were the one chosen to fulfill her womanly needs, we'll have to settle on the solace that she's back on market in general, and with the beautiful poems we keep writing her rhyming honey with cunny, we may soo fall into her good graces. Enjoy.

Anne Vyalitsyna Bikini Pictures Red Hot Under the Florida Sun

We really thought the world was over when ridiculously hot Russian model Anne Vyalitsyna was engaged to that Maroon 5 maroon, but, when the breakup announcement came, we knew that in the very least we would soon be seen a super sextastic cat on the prowl once more, and we have not been let down as Anne hit the beach in Miami over the holiday with a red hot bikini body show.

Of all the model wonderments that come out of Russian, Anne V may just be one of our favorites, especially now that she's back on the market. Though before you get your hopes up to high about banging that hot bikini body between the sheets, ask yourself this, am I a major recording artist or perhaps a business tycoon with a yacht? The ticket to ride might just be a bit pricey. Enjoy.

Irina Shayk and Anne Vyalitsyna Bikini Pictures Are Hot, Sweaty, and All-Around Asstastic on South Beach

Irina Shayk and her Eastern European model gal pal, Anne Vyalitsyna, shaked their respective booties along the South Florida coast over the weekend, soaking up the sun, wetting themselves in the very lucky ocean, and essentially reminding leering men near and wide why some women get paid big bucks to look awesome on camera. Those booties are to die for, those bodies are to live for (and make money to afford), an all around show of ridiculously hot, candid, n0 special lighting, no hair, no makeup, model body goodness.

How lucky have the men of Miami been this winter? Just ridiculous what's been going on down there on the beach since last November. Enjoy.