Anja Rubik

Anja Rubik Topless Simply Hotly in iD


When you're a hot Polish supermodel, you don't need a lot of fancy wardrobe or stage tricks or elaborate sets, just bare your sweet body for the and shoot some monochrome delights. As did iD magazine exhibiting the natural beauty and hot body of Anja Rubik, a European model who has never had qualms about showing off her sweet qualms. Whether she's modeling haute couture or merely just expressing the artistic vision of a photographer, Anja is very comfortable with her body. I am equally as comfortable with her body. I wish I could tell her so in person while she's topless and I'm hoisting the sudsy loofah sponge offering ironically to make her feel dirtier than ever.

My right hand punishes, my left hand succors. At least, that's their public stance. Enjoy.

Anja Rubik Bares Her Landing Strip in Nekkid Black and White Delight in Lui


Today might just be the day to see so much Euro-model goodness that you move yourself to a Swiss chalet in the Alps merely so you can start getting local editions of the major women's magazines that contain all these great sights. Not that Lui magazine is a re-imagined periodical for the ladies. It's really all male, and Michelle Rodriguez leaning women who love to see some of the finest ladies in the world getting all kinds of undressed on camera.

The latest Lui lovely is Polish fashion model Anja Rubik. We've seen Anja baring her wares for the sake of photographic art in the past, though perhaps never so alluring as in this present spread. I think I'd like to be a photographer's assistant on the European continent, or perhaps just the guy who wipes down the cyclorama after girls like Anja have been rolling around on it naked. It's all about getting those six degrees of separation down to less than two. Enjoy.

Daisy Lowe, Anja Rubik, Lara Stone and Many More Nekkid Model Hotties Thematic in Antidote Magazine


There's something red going on here. I'm not sure what it all means, but it has something to do with getting some of Europe's finest looking models out of their clothes and in all kinds of kinky weird poses with props like balloons and clouds and more dangerous things. So, I favor the red.

Daisy Lowe, Anja Rubik, Lara Stone and a gaggle of other continental sextastic professionals lead the way in this Antidote magazine spread of some of the biggest ladies in the world of catwalking looking kind of dangerous and dark, but ever topless and wicked hot. You know how I feel about art, it's always better with nekkid fine female forms. The Greeks and Romans knew that going back to the beginning. It still holds true today. Art, I ogle thee. Enjoy.

Anja Rubik Topless in Russian Vogue (No Fooling, Right There on the Cover)


The folks in Russia don't fool around with their high fashion or the nudity it takes to sell high fashion. Polish hottie model Anja Rubik isn't just nipple baring and topless in her fancy duds within the pages of Vogue Russia, she's flashing her supermodel funbags right there on the cover. No subtly there. And why would you seek to hide or disguise the blessedly slender hot female form of Anja Rubik. If you're going to pay top dollar for the best, even if you're pushing fashion, you're going to toss some award winning birthday suit action into the mix.

I'm assuming our domestic magazines feel they can't get away with the same level of reveals. L'Oreal America I guess can't handle the ta-tas. Our loss. Clearly, our loss. Enjoy.

Anja Rubik, Natasha Poly, Sasha Luss and Anna Ewers Topless in Exhibition Magazine


Do you love when hot Russian, German, and Polish supermodels get together and take their tops off for the camera? Why, of course you do.

Anja Rubik, Natasha Poly, Sasha Luss and Anna Ewers are all taking off their tops for the love of art and showing off in Exhibition magazine, a periodical just by title alone you know we're going to fancy. I do love when high-minded visuals lead to happy time views that tingle my low-minded areas. And these four beauties stepping right out of my European fantasy logs and onto the actual real life screen, well, consider me an aficionado of the art today. Enjoy.

Anja Rubik Topless Hotness Makes Vogue the Greatest Thing Ever


I guess getting Miley Cyrus topless wasn't enough for the good folks at Vogue Germany, so they doubled down with Polish supemodel Anja Rubik, flashing her lovable funbags on the pages of the Deutschland fashion magazine.

Now, Anja ranks right up there on the list of Polish women who I'd let sleep with me just to be kind and not hurt their feelings. In fact, tonight works, Anja, if you're available. Or tomorrow or pretty much any day thereafter so long as I have two legs to chase you around the full breadth of my studio apartment. Enjoy.

Edita Vilkeviciute and Anja Rubik Topless and Grabby for Vogue Paris


My future wife just can't seem to keep her top on. Just one of the little things I lust about her so and why she will ultimately get me into many fights along the way I'm sure. But what are you going to do when you plan on marrying a Lithuanian hottie model who gets paid to be half-dressed in dressy magazines?

In today's topless adventure, Edita Vilkeviciute brought along her supermodel friend Anja Rubik to be super fashion forward by showing off their model funbags on the pages of Vogue Paris. Now, you probably don't read Vogue Paris, because you don't need to know which $400 skirt to buy for the holidays. But, you should at least peruse the photos, and maybe smell a few perfume samplers. This and a solid stout or two can make for a fine afternoon. Enjoy.