Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Topless To Lead the List of Bouncy Thespianics in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the streets. Huh? Who dances in the street? Crazy hobos, that’s who. Not you who has air conditioning and a screen set up in your own abode for viewing the most important cinema ever produced — that featuring the lovely chests and hot nekkid bodies of ever so earnest thespianics. And here to guide you through your first weekend in June viewing of such mind bending content is Mr. Skin and the Mr. Skin Minute.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes Angelina Jolie not nude in Maleficent but quite bouncy topless in Gia and Original Sin, Kate Dickie, the creepy breastfeeding queen from Game of Thrones topless making of the sexy scene in Filth, now in limited release, and out on Blu-Ray, 24 Exposures featuring Caroline White, Sophia Takal, and Helen Rogers getting it on topless style. It’s a bevy of the bare skinematics. Enjoy.

(You may forget many things in life, but if you forget to get your own discounted membership to Mr. Skin, then you have forgotten the basics.)

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Angelina Jolie Striking in Black at ‘World War Z’ Premiere

While still trying to figure out why zombies cause spontaneous combustion to occur in buildings and world landmarks, I have to already credit World War Z for bringing (back) out Angelina Jolie, who looked like exactly one million dollars last night at the London premiere. This is Angelina’s first real public showing since her big double mastectomy announcement. And she rose to the expectation level.

We may never see the old show-off Angelina again. That kind of went away a while ago as it is. But there’s no doubt Angelina has plenty of sextastic left in her tank. She’s definitely very much in my personal zombie escape plan. Enjoy.

Angelina Jolie Boobtastic Tribute to a Woman With Not Soon Forgotten Amazing Funbags

Angelina Jolie Boobs Gallery
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As  you may have heard by now, Angelina Jolie went public with news that she had a preventative double mastectomy to nip her highly likely genetically-sealed chances for breast cancer right in the buds. We applaud Angelina for her public discussion of her personal medical condition as nobody, but nobody, loves healthy boobs more than the Egotastic! family. Let’s keep them that way for all women, as much as humanly possible.

However, we are not without tribute to our fallen brave soldiers here, so, without further ado, while we may never see them again, we can still wade into the treasures of the pleasure chest that was Angelina Jolie’s faptastic funbags. Enjoy.

Angelina Jolie Is Engaged, And We’re Remarkably Apathetic

I must admit, we often overreact here when some of our favorite celebrity hotties prepare to tie the knot and we feel like we’re losing a family member almost, I mean, until the torrid extra-marital affairs we have planned kick in.

But with news yesterday, and an engagement ring flashing leaving her hotel, that Angelina Jolie was finally engaged to be married to Brad Pitt, we didn’t feel like we thought we would. Perhaps it’s because they’ve been together for like ten years, perhaps it’s that nonsense slash pure genius on Brad’s part to announce that he’d not marry a woman until marriage laws applied evenly to all members of the village, or perhaps it’s the 18 birthed and adopted kids that stream behind the couple as they travel around the world watching mom make importantly boring movies, but we’re just not feeling it.

Maybe we’ll perk up when Angelina runs to the bathroom to barf out the wedding cake before it counts as calories. We shall see. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Elle Macpherson Wicked Hot, Winona Ryder Unusually Topless, Brooklyn Decker Camel Toe, and Much Much More…

Angelina Jolie Topless with a Horse Photoshoot
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Oh, blessed wicked Fridays. How we embrace you as an infant embraces a breast swollen with nourishment, an end of the work week suckle on the teat of weekend freedom. And, better yet, the day we come together as an Egotastic! family and break the proverbial boobtastic bread in our weekly edition of Reader Finds, where you the citizen, control the DD-ebate.

This week’s Reader Finds offers up some classic bodies revealed, as well as some newcomer bodies exhibited, in a blend of celebrity sextastic, including Elle Macpherson wicked hot in a classic hot mom photoshoot, Angelina Jolie in an HQ rendition of her memorable topless with horses photoshoot, statuesque Brooklyn Decker looking camel-toe-alicious, teen princess Ariana Grande sexy in a bathtub,  sweet hot Euro-model Nena Ristic topless behind the scenes of a photoshoot, Winona Ryder only known topless movie scene, LeeLee Sobieski and Tricia Helfer in some dominatrix get ups, DWTS dancer Peta Murgatroyd in a sexy bikini, Sophie Howard with her bikini fallen off, and young newcomer Indiana Evans in some clips from her Aussie soapy goodness. Check it out.

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Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie and Others at the SAG Awards

Sofia Vergara and Angelina Jolie Lead List of Hotties at Producer Guild Awards

Ah, award season, the first couple months of each calendar year when Hollywood fellates itself until it’s blue in the mouth and testiculars dreaming of how awesome it is to be itself. And even the producers are getting into this act, this past weekend handing out a bunch of awards for blah-blah-blah, which is of little consequence to us.

Far more consequential were the invites to the sextastic celebrities who got dolled up and abounded down the red carper for our cameras, including Sofia Vergara, who always shows up booby and strong during award season, Angelina Jolie who actually looked good this weekend, not quite her former self, but better than she has of late with her far-too-lean frame, and underrated (for now) hottie Jessica Chastain, who I am so dying to see nekkid I can literally taste it (and it tastes like butter). Enjoy.