Amber Lancaster

Battle of the Sextastic Stems: Jessica Gomes Legs It Out Against Amber Lancaster

It has come to my attention that some of you gentleman oglers out there do really take pride in your perusal of the lower limbs of the hot celebrities we cover, so we endeavor to bring you more summer time supple leg sightings, and perhaps even pit two vs. two of the higher order bottom appendages.

Take for example S.I. swimsuit model Jessica Gomes, yet another sweet bodied bit of hotness transplanted from Down Under to the shores of the U.S., in leather shorts, strutting the walkways of Miami Beach and flashing all kind of lickable leggy attitude, taking on R.J. Berger hottie and former NFL cheerleader, Amber Lancaster, leaving an L.A. hotspot and flashing some Nair-done well legs of her own.

How’d you like to be entwined in scissor kisses from these lovely legged ladies? I’m going to put my answer down as a drooling, ‘Yes, please, squeeze me to death.’ Enjoy.

Amber Lancaster Shows Off Her Legs Leaving the Chateau Marmont

Lindsay Lohan, Camilla Belle Lead List of Hotness for Coldplay

Just one guitar, slung way down low
Was a one way ticket, only one way to go

Remember when you were a kid and you thought that if you were in a band you’d get all the hot girls and everybody kind of laughed at you but then it turned out to be totally true? Yeah, well I remember trying to play guitar, bass, drums, sax, harmonica, and even down to tambourine and finally just me and the triangle with which I could almost count a beat. Nada. Nobody would let me in their stupid band.

Had I been successful, perhaps I could have had sexy celebrities lining up by the line-ful to come see me perform, like Coldplay did last night in L.A. that brought out a bevy of babes, including Lindsay Lohan, Camilla Belle, Amber Lancaster, Kate Bosworth and a bunch of other sexy-butted Hollywood girls I’m just too jealous too mention. Enjoy.

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Newly Single Billionaire Barbie Headlines Red Carpet for Radio Shack EVO Launch

As a kid who spent way too much time in Radio Shack asking nerdy questions about every single component in the building, and being in a group of boys who never bought a thing, just wasted time, I’m still not sure how that store is even open. But, apparently, Radio Shack abides. And they even put on a big launch party for one of the new smartphones out this week, can’t even say which one exactly, but I’m sure it claims to be even more amazing than its predecessor, though probably still can’t use it to make actual phone calls.

Still, when you get the likes of Billioniare Barbie (back on the HSV-man hunt), uber cheerleader Amber Lancaster, Playmate Jayde Nicole, L-Word hottie Sarah Shahi, and blonde TV sexy bomb, Jaime King, to get decked out and come to your little shindig, you’re probably doing all right. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Jennifer Lopez Smoking Hot, Another Look at Lady Gaga Tatas, and Amber Lancaster Sexy Sailor Cosplay


Today’s reader submissions are truly an eclectic set. A 40-something Jennifer Lopez looking 20-something, another angle on the Lady Gaga wardrobe malfunction, and Amber Lancaster doing some naval cosplay.
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Amber Lancaster Leads Bratpack of Young Hollywood At Nylon Party

Honestly now, how is it I didn’t get invited to the young Hollywood hotties party hosted by Nylon magazine? Who loves young Hollywood hotties more than me? Okay, well all love them and we all should have been invited, I mean, let’s be real, these girls aren’t even going to taste those sandwiches you put out. On the other hand, I’d be stuffing them four at a time into my manly leather satchel for no-cost dinners for a week. Even worse than missing the free eats, I missed seeing one of my secret lust crushes, Amber Lancaster, live and in the flesh (wish it were more flesh). Amber has been stealing red carpets these days and her little female peers must be starting to snipe at her behind the scenes (oh, yeah, it gets nasty, like a dozen feral cats in heat slammed together in a small cage). There’s just something special about a real ex-cheerleader playing a cheerleader on TV. Oh, yeah, there’s also her amazing body and boobtastic.

In addition to Amber Lancaster, other hotties at the p’arty included Billionaire Barbie, who canceled her night school law classes to attend, Aly Michalka and AJ Michalka, two parts of my sister sextastic sandwich fantasy, Emma Roberts, Jamie Chung, Shenae Grimes, Joanna Levesque (JoJo), Lucy Hale, and Kelsey Chow. Enjoy.

Billionaire Barbie Leads List of Hotties on Charity Red Carpet

You know how much I love it when a good charity and a good amount of celebrity sextastic join forces for a cause we can all get behind. Such was the case over the weekend at the Race to Erase MS Gala where a bunch of Tinsel Town teases strutted the red carpet in their finest cleavage revealing frocks to raise money (among other things) for a worthy cause.  And, well, no beating around the cocaine bush here, Billionaire Barbie looked pretty damn good at this event; if only the immense industrial science that went into lifting her boobs were applied toward curing bodily afflictions, what a world, right? In addition to Billionaire Barbie, other red carpet hotties included Amber Lancaster, of RJ Berger cheerleading fame, Rachel Leigh Cook, who we don’t see nearly enough of out on the sexy tour, and Daisy Fuentes, who seemingly went into hiding a few years ago, which almost always means new boyfriend and new boobs. Not such a bad thing by the looks of the results. Enjoy.