Alison Haislip

Alison Haislip In Her Bra and Panties for a Little ‘Bad Sex’

While we’d like to say that our feelings for Alison Haislip are all of a gentlemanly nature, until such things as sloppy sweaty love making in a vat of creamed potatoes is rightfully considered gentlemanly, let’s just say that our thoughts of Alison verge on the illicit.

And she’s not helping mitigate these feelings either. What with her appearance in her sexy under-bits in the Taryn Southern comedic music video, ‘Bad Sex’, while brief, it’s enough of Alison in her skivvies flashing her Hollywood hottie body to get us to start peeling the potatoes and warming up a large quantity of milk for our future passionate encounter. Enjoy.

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Alison Haislip Throwback Covered Topless Hotness

For many of you, Alison Haislip became a fap d’jour about the time five years ago she joined the hot-nerd army over at G4 as an occasional correspondent and guest host. But, for those of you fortunately unfortunate enough to have seen Alison’s earlier film work in the critically unacclaimed Blockbuster bottom-shelver, Hotties, from 2004, then you missed a solid four year run of virtually undressing Alison Haislip in your mind’s private after-show parties.

And, now this. Oh, happy days. Thank you to EgoReader ‘Bill J.’ who filled our hearts with lust this morning courtesy of this 2005 Pop magazine covered topless photo pictorial of Alison Haislip looking all kinds of nerdy magically hot. Let’ not forget that before this blonde Jersey girl was making a name for herself among the fanboy community, she was cutting her teeth on the mean streets of ‘trying to make it in Hollywood’ and that inevitably means some sexy photoshoots you don’t necessarily tell grandma about. Unless it’s my grandma, then she’s the one with the camera helping me lure the young ladies into my basement studio. Thanks, Gramms. And thank you, Alison Haislip. Enjoy.

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What can be said of the group efforts each week by our Readers to assemble and share some of the finest fineries without much clothes on the web? Well, the words ‘awesome’ and ‘blessed’ and ‘laudable’ come to mind, along with ‘raunchtastic’ and ‘fleshy-funned’ and ‘pimpalicious’, and when you combine the two you have the perfect description of our award-winning weekly Reader Finds, like a holy offering to the gods of the sextastic.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Natascha McElhone fully nekkid, Michelle Hunizker sans bikini top, Jennifer Love Hewitt fully plumped out cleavetastic, Emmerdale’s Adele Silva missing her bikini top, Alessandra Ambrosio preggo covered topless hot, Alison Haislip outtake heaven, Christina Ricci topless on film, Estella Warren nekkid swimming, Imogen Thomas sextastic tennis, Joanna Krupa bikini slippage, Joanna Lundback black and white and hot all over, Julianna Gill racktastic in Friday the 13th, Katy Perry almost dress fall, and an assortment of some of our fave glamour models going Girl on Girl in a very special pictorial.

It’s so many boobs, I dare you to count!

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Let’s kick off ever-fabulous Friday with our beloved Reader Finds, like a barrel-full of monkeys, except, you know, these are hot monkeys with awesome bodies, and some of them even act. We can never fully thank our readers for all of their contributions, so, you know, we won’t. But we will honor you with flesh and fun and help kick off your weekend with celebrity skin.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Amy Childs baring the poker, Bai Ling nekkid hotness, Adriana Lima wardrobe reveals, Alison Haislip bikini butt stills, Karen Gillan being as sexy as a nerd can get, and Sophie Howard in even more boobtastic beach candids. It’s a plethora of poonanny and it’s all because of you.

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Alison Haislip Nerdy Sexy Cute For Maxim

Attack of the Loin-Stoppers! Alison Haislip, the latest hottie from the G4 assembly line of fanboy faptastic correspondents, took it all off (minus the sexy lacy bra and panties) for the current edition of Maxim, and, might I say, I was compelled to write some correspondence of my own:

Dear Alison,

Do you like men who drive sporty edition Corollas and almost won a million dollars, twice, playing McDonald’s Monopoly? Do you like long walks in the rain and leaky roof apartments with water damage? Do you like Four Loko, vintage 2010 served in spit cups swiped from the dentists office? Alison, please consider the upside of our potential romance, most notably, the upside for me in seeing you nekkid.



I eagerly await her response.

FANBOY ALERT: Alison Haislip In Her Undies Might Just Kill You

Editor’s Note: some or all of the media previously associated with this posting has been removed.

You know we appreciate each and every one of our geekdom community living in the basement of their parents home now a good decade past high school graduation. And, we know how much you fanboys dig and desire your Attack of the Show hotties, starting with Olivia Munn and leading up to the sexy bouncy Alison Haislip, but we must express our concern for both your excessive use of Costco generic hand lotion and also not coming up for dinner when mom calls, yelling up that your busy working on your ‘special project’. There is more to life than afternoon delights with your favorite virtual girlfriends. Though, not much more, and, if you had to pick one, Alison Haislip looking all kinds of nerdy sexy in the latest ‘Me in My Place’ photoshoot from Esquire is not a bad pick at all. You two will be so happy together on your virtual desert island making many virtual babies. Just remember to clean your game console before guests come over. Enjoy.