Agnes Olech

Agnes Olech Sexes Up FHM Spain (in Photos By One Of Our Readers)

Congratulations to Egotastic! Reader, Roger Snider, photographer extraordinary, whose photos of Polish model and actress Agnes Olech made their steamy way onto the pages of this month’s FHM Spain.

Now, I am told photography is a difficult art, fraught with all types of perilous potential for disaster, and some hard work to boot, but I’m not exactly buying into the sob stories when you get to spend countless hours with a half-dressed hottie posing her in a sexy little bikini (albeit, that knife would kind of scare me). Enjoy.

Be sure to check out more of Roger’s work at his personal photography site.

Agnes Olech Sexy Lingerie Photoshoot By One of Our Very Own!

We love our Readers dearly; like a farmer dotes on his prized crop or a hooker clings to her crack-filled designer clutch. But, let’s be real, we don’t love all of you equally. And when one of our own flock executes a sextastic celebrity photoshoot, we’re going to give him or her an extra bit of bread with supper.

Egotastic! Reader, Roger Snider, shot yet another sextastic shoot of Polish exported hottie thespianic, Agnes Olech, some of these photos to be used in an upcoming pictorial in FHM Spain. We admire Roger’s work and the work of all of you out there who do more than ogle, but lift up your cameras and say aloud, ‘Hey, girl, how about I snap some sexy lingerie pictures of you for my friends at Egotastic?” Dare to dream. Enjoy.

Be sure to check out more of Roger’s work at his personal photography site.

Also, check out Roger’s additional shots of Agnes in retro big rig advertisements at his classic big rig loving photography site.

Up and Comer: Agnes Olech Sexy Blonde in Maxim Magazine Outtakes

Thanks to Egotastic! friend and photographer of hotties, Roger Snider, for providing us some of his outtakes photos from his latest shoot of sexy Pole turned American actress, Agnes Olech, for this month’s Maxim magazine. There never nothing wrong with sexy blonde hotties with amazing bodies in little bits of silky black lingerie; never ever. Thank you, Roger. Enjoy.

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Oh, you cheeky cheeky readers. Where you must be traveling in the digisphere nightly, well, only your ISP and your snooping spouses know. But we blessedly thank you for your contributions, one and all, for making this a much richer place, and, by richer, we mean this week Emily Browning in hardly covering silky lingerie, not-before-posted Kate Upton see-through to awesomeness, Selena Gomez upskirts of the week, and a very sexy Reader Shoots!
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