Adrienne Bailon

Tatyana Ali, Naturi Naughton, Adrienne Bailon Bring Out the Bigguns for BET Awards

The hot ladies of color were anything but demure over the weekend at the BET Awards were big ole sweet boobtastic rules the day on the red carpet. As it should be. If you weren’t adjusted your sweet jugs walking up to the event, you weren’t even in the game. Sextastic rackalicious likes of Tatyana Ali, Adrienne Bailon, Naturi Naughton, Ashanti, Pia Mia Perez, Amber Rose (and for some reason, Paris Hilton) all walked the chesty show off walk for the Awards show.

I don’t watch a lot of BET programming, though that number would rise dramatically if there was a show called March of the Big Chested Lovely Ladies. I’d DVR that with override to Must Record. Because women of all colors float my boat. The S.S. Egotastic!, with stops in all ports of call where we aren’t currently wanted dead or alive for crimes of passion. Hey, a sailor gets lonely. Enjoy.

Adrienne Bailon Deep Cleavage Swimsuit Fun Times for a Good Cause

Have I mentioned lately how much I lust Adrienne Bailon?

Despite her questionable instincts for being a Kardashian family friend, the hottie kind of former singer definitely brings her A-game and lots of hot skin to every single public event she attends. Even charity events, like the Swim for Relief event in NYC raising money for ongoing hurricane disaster relief efforts.

Adrienne wore what would have to be called just about the single more perfect one piece possible for down-camera angles of her charitable aquatics. Then everybody got wet or something lewdly suggestive like that. Hey, it’s for a good cause. Enjoy.

Adrienne Bailon Cleavy Dress at the Valentine’s Day Cocktail Hpnotiq Event in NY

Adrienne Bailon Flashes Her Panties During N.Y.C. Photoshoot

Not sure what’s going on in Manhattan these days, but it’s causing many of our favorite celebrities to flash their underthings, including 3LW and Cheetah Girls alum Adrienne Bailon who was photoshooting in New York and in a short skirt, despite the cold temperatures, resulting in a nice flashing of her black panties.

Now, as hot summer turns to brisk fall, and brisk fall to cold winter, don’t for a second think that Egotastic! is going to lessen its patrols down the tops and up the skirts of some of its most sextastic celebrities. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays our courageous oglers from the swift completion of their appointed peeks. That’s our promise. Enjoy.

Adrienne Bailon Exhibits the Bustier Bustier in Miami

Adrienne Bailon boobtastic is becoming a more regular occurrence on Egotastic! and we couldn’t be more pleased. The former Cheetah Girl took to the streets of Miami over the weekend in a low cut tight bustier top that we thought for sure was going to birth us a nice wardrobe malfunction, but, alas, her flesh puppies did not pop out to play. Still, we have a fine lust affair going with the pop singer and her love of all things exhibitionist — what we don’t see today, we shall surely glimpse soon.

Keep your eyes on Adrienne Bailon, great things are afoot in her chestal region. Enjoy.

Adrienne Bailon Brings Her Hot Body to Bear at the NBCUniversal Summer Press Tour Thingee

We try desperately to look past the Rob Kardashian dating past of the ex-Cheetah Girl hottie, Adrienne Bailon, and just appreciate her for the Latina sultriness she brings to bear especially in her big public appearances.

And Adrienne put on not only a solid show, but really the only show at the NBC Universal Summer Press event, where tons of shows and content got pimped and everybody pretended it wasn’t a big publicity masturbation fest, but it was, but that’s okay, because we got to stare at Adrienne’s hot body. So we consider ourselves even on the deal. Enjoy.

Adrienne Bailon Flashes Bare Peach in the Big Apple

Adrienne Bailon Wardrobe Malfunction in NYC
Click to See Uncensored

I suppose this is to be expected once you’ve dated a Kardashian for long enough, you’re simply going to be prone to grandiose public displays of attention, as was the case with Adrienne Bailon last night when she was one of many sexy celebrities strutting the red carpet at a Caesar’s Palace pimping party in New York, and, call it a wardrobe malfunction, or just say somebody dropped a quarter in the booth, but the Latina singer and former Cheetah Girl was flashing her lady mojito for all the world to see.

Despite what we claimed to a judge several years ago in our own case involving a local waterpark and some scared children, we like to think that there are no such thing as clothing malfunctions; just a deep seeded desire for exhibition. Consider Adrienne Bailon quite the show-woman. Enjoy.