Adrienne Bailon Busting Out of Yoga Gear

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bill-swift - April 3, 2017

Former Disney Cheetah girl and all-around busty singer and songwriter and recently married person, Adrienne Bailon isn't going for the mysterious and hard to notice look out in Los Angeles shopping before her morning yoga. If you're betting on that outfit to pop a seam, you're probably going to be making some cash. Adrienne was literally busting out.

We've seen Adrienne make a show of her exhibitionist curves in more professional settings before. She's never missed an opportunity to steal all the attention. Apparently this holds as well for her regular old living. That top can't possibly be the right size. The garment I mean, her actual mams see about precisely right. What's the name of that yoga where all the women take off their tops? That's right. Bill's Fantasy Bikram. Catching on I sure hope. Enjoy.

Photo credit: FameFlynet