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Adrianne Palicki Golden Cleavage at ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ LA Premiere

Adrianne Palicki Super Hero, Super Body

Are you like me? Did you spend a decent amount of fifth grade locked in the boy’s room with a comic featuring the likes of Wonder Woman wondering about these super new tingly feelings you were experiencing. Oh, you didn’t know what it was, but you knew it was good and you wanted that sweet lasso pulling you in for some naughty moments in the back of the invisible jet. Seeing Adrianne Palicki running around decked out in the Wonder Woman ensemble sure is bringing back some happy, yet awkward memories. I’m not sure I’m down with the new costume, kind of has a Halloween tranny tinge to it, but if the lady has the lasso, she’s still got her rope around my lower half hearts. Enjoy.

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Adrianne Palicki Topless Pictures


If you’ve ever seen Friday Night Lights, then you are probably familiar with Adrianne Palicki, if you haven’t (it’s a great show, you should watch), these Adrianne Palicki topless pictures should make for a nice introduction.

It seems like Adrianne’s co-star, Minka Kelly gets all the attention off that show, what with her dating John Mayer, but Adrianne Palicki is definitely worthy of her share. Now, if only we could see a bit more of Aimee Teegarden, life would be complete.