Can Somebody, Anybody, Explain Seattle’s Mega Man-Shaped Deli Meats?

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bill-swift - August 21, 2013

Yep, this is an actual thing that has happened.

Step aside, Chicago L-Train that recently transformed into a rail-rolling representation of the half of the Mario brothers that nobody gives a beaver's ballbag about. We've seen the real future of gaming news, and it's made of sweet, protein rich, nourishing beast-flesh.

As the more nerdly gamers among us can attest, there are many ways to salute our favorite characters and franchises. Secret batcaves of memorabilia, tattoos in our ‘special places' and suchlike, all simultaneously brilliant and disturbing. But here's one thing we don't believe even the most dedicated fan has tried before: hiring a crack team of commandos from Capcom's meat-fiddling department (which is not a sexual thing) to infiltrate an Asian deli at midnight and insert Mega Man where Mega Man doesn't belong.

This is precisely what's happened at Seattle's Uwajimaya store (no it isn't), as you see in the image above. The Blue Bomber and (choice) Cut Man have never looked so beefy, or so delicious.

Why? Why-oh-why? It's befuddling. Still, there's one thing we can confirm: if their next project isn't a meat Super Meat Boy, we're going to be all kinds of pissed.

Destructoid, via Mega Man Network.

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