Cam Newton Should Easily Avoid a Sophomore Slump

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michael-garcia - July 25, 2012

Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers put together one of the most memorable rookie campaigns in the history of the NFL last season. Newton was a beast in 2011, surpassing all expectations and running away with Offensive Rookie of the Year honors.

Some people have said, 'oh, his stats were inflated because they were always behind.' Not really.  They were weren't blown out of a game until a week ten loss to Tennessee. The Panthers were in every game up until that point, so they weren't just heaving it downfield all the time. People might say that defenses will be better prepared this year.

It's not like teams couldn't watch game film last year. They weren't flying blind every time they lined up against the Panthers. And yes, Newton started strong, throwing for more than 1,000 yards in his first three games, so obviously defenses caught on a little bit.

Newton's just a supreme athlete, and he and Carolina should be able to improve on their 6-10 record from last season. Click through the gallery to see just how dominant Cam was throughout last season, and to see some of the records he set.

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