Britney Spears Transforming Into a Soccer Mom

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bill-swift - March 19, 2013

It seems like the transformation process is almost complete. Britney Spears the young sexually suggestive diva into the soccer mom in the jean shorts, tight tank, and knobby knees. And, yes, the knobby knees does go with soccer moms, not sure why, but they are a must.

Not that we don't have plenty of soccer mom fantasies. A few. Since boyhood years and having all those orange slices thrust upon us by the loving hands of the occasionally cleavage revealing mature woman. It's just that we will somehow miss the former Britney as she fades into the minivan world of fast food and oversized handbags and always slightly uncoordinated mom sports claps. Still, those orange slices, mmm. Enjoy.

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