Boob Tube Roundup: The Week’s Sexiest TV Scenes 4.29.19

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Mitch Jablonski - April 29, 2019

Over at MrSkin.com, they don't just focus on the week's best nude scenes. They also round up all of the sexy non-nude content from the week and we're bringing it to you in our Boob Tube Roundup! Here's what you'll find in the gallery below...

Games People Play: In the first scene of the new BET series, Ismeli Henriquez is in her bra having sex with a guy, Parker McKenna Posey shows off her ass in white underwear, and Karen Obilom wears a black bra while she takes a phone call

The Bold TypeKatie Stevens wears some sexy lingerie to try and spice up her love life with her boyfriend

Roswell, New MexicoJeanine Mason and her guy get it on. She takes off her top showing her bra and a bandage on her stomach that he’s nervous about touching

The Good Fight: Tamberla Perry shows off in a see-through nightie as she talks with Delroy Lindo, and Cush Jumbo makes Michael Boatman uncomfortable when she uses a breast pump in front of him

Bonding: Zoe Levin looks mighty sexy in her leather dominatrix gear

The Way We Weren't: Fiona Gubelmann and Kristi Clainos both show plenty of cleavage in their bras

In the Dark: Perry Mattfeld stars as a blind woman in this new CW series, showing off in her underwear in the debut episode

All photos courtesy of MrSkin.com