Blanca Blanco Bikini in Malibu

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aldo-vallon - September 29, 2017

 Goodness gracious, I have not seen eyeglasses shaped like that since I needed to put a pair on the alien I was drawing. I would like to pretend that I drew said alien when I was a child, but it was actually last week. Yes, my artistic skills have not advanced above the level of a ten year old, can we stop embarrassing me already? My point is, what kind of peepers is Blanca hiding behind glasses like that that she requires ones of that shape? It seems a bit fishy to me. And why did we all as kids draw the same kind of aliens with elongated heads and eyes? Why were they always green? I smell a conspiracy that only Agent Mulder can get to the bottom of.

With a name like Blanca Blanco I would have assumed that these photos were dealing with an albino. Maybe she would have gotten the nickname from an African tribe, I don't know. But I surely was not prepared for a dark haired beauty such as herself. I consider it false advertisement. She should change her name to Hazel Brown in order to avoid such confusion in the future.    


Photo Credit: Backgrid