Bikini Model Milano Poses Her Sexy Curves In Beachside Photo Shoot

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aldo-vallon - November 30, 2018

I knew Guy Fieri would end up ruining blonde hair for me at some point. Now instead of appreciating this beachside goddess I am stuck with thoughts of subpar food. I knew that looking at these photos would leave me with a watering mouth, I just hoped that it would be for more enjoyable reasons.

Clearly Milano knows her hair is her greatest asset, and that is saying something given the ass that is also in view. In nearly every picture here she is either fondling it or whipping it around. I would have thought she’d take at least one moment to fondle another body part. It’s not like there is anyone else there to do it for her.

Maybe she is just pissed that she got sand and seawater in it and she is desperately doing whatever it takes to get the shit out. She has to know that it won’t make a difference. She is going to have sand raining down on her shoulders like dandruff for the next couple of weeks. If only it was as easy to cure with a bottle of shampoo.



Photo Credit: MEGA