Beware the General Contractor

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Lex Jurgen - February 2, 2017

Christina El Moussa is now openly being seen in the early morning hours with Gary the Contractor from Flip or Flop. According to insider sources, so her newly retained publicist, Christina digs the fact Gary the Contractor is so much more stable than her husband. Though Gary's been twice divorced and is currently fucking his employer. It's all relative to Tarek who grabbed a gun from the safe and ran into the woods crying. Though you'd suspect somewhere in the ether of men available to fuck a financially independent attractive 30-something blond there'd be more options.

As for the now divorced El Moussa HGTV hosts, the cable outlet assures everybody the show is filming season seven and its business as usual. Except instead of being married, Tarek and Christina are now split and fucking the former nanny and the general contractor from the show, respectively. Still waiting to see if four hundred thousand 53-year old women named Maude are buying it.

Photo credit: In Touch