Ashley Benson Drinks Shay Mitchell’s Breast Milk

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Echo Lawrence - March 5, 2020

Ashley Benson is back from Europe and is spending time with new mom Shay Mitchell in New York, the pair got together and handsome fun on TikTok doing this silly dance video, but it looks like Ashley was given the boost of energy for this dance break after she drank a bottle of Shay Mitchell’s breast milk..

In the video, Ashley takes a sip from the bottle and says “Shay’s Titty Milk! Oh my God so good tastes like Almond Milk”

It could be that she put almond milk in a bottle as a gag, but being the lesbian that she is now, she might be into titty milk!

Here is the video the pair did for TikTok showing off their epic moves. Looks like titty milk does a body good!


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