Back to the Future LEGO Set Takes You Back In Time

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bill-swift - July 27, 2013

Big boys gotta have their toys, and this is another one of them must-haves.

If you had a normal childhood, then you probably grew up watching Back to the Future marathons and wishing you would someday own a cool car like the DeLorean or something that looked like it. You might not own a DeLorean yet, but you can own a LEGO version of it with their newest Back to the Future-themed set.

People asked for it on the LEGO CUUSO site and now LEGO has given it their seal of approval and got the licensing rights to manufacture the limited edition set. Aside from containing all the bricks and pieces to build your own DeLorean, it'll also come with Doc and Marty minifigs. Sweet!

Wait For It: $55 (August 1st release)

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