Audrina Patridge and Her Hot Mom! Turn Down the Lights, Bring on the Fantasy

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bill-swift - April 5, 2011

Wow. Double wow. Hot mom and daughter Patridge swimsuit wow. My mind is spinning with impure thoughts of Audrina Patridge and her ridiculously hot mom and intergenerational Patridge threesomes that could get me arrested in several states. Oh, sure, the crude among us would blurt out, 'Hey, Audrina, I wanna do you and your mom!'. But I play it cool. Smart. Egotastic.

'C'mon, Audrina, does your mom really have to come with us on our trip to save the stranded baby dolphin seals?  Okay, fine, as long as you're happy.' Then I slowly drain the gas from my car so we run out of fuel and have to motel it for the night. But, wait, there's only one room left at the inn? Very well, I guess it's me and Audrina and her mom bunking together. This couch is cold, Mrs. Patridge, but don't you worry about me. What, space in the bed between you and your daughter? Well, if you insist. Oh, this is much warmer. No, Mrs. Patridge that's not my thumb. Yes, I am a naughty naughty boy. Hope Audrina doesn't wake up from all this... oops, too late. Ménage à Patridge!