Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge Bikini Photos Deliver the Hot Body Birthday Sextastic Down Mexico Way

It's hard to believe it's been eight years now since we first were entranced by Audrina Patridge on The Hills. And, by entranced, I think we all know what I'm talking about and should only be discussed allowed in educational programs for middle school children under the supervision of a no-nonsense older science teacher. She was wicked hot then, she's only gotten hotter since.

Strutting her bikini stuff down in Mexico, presumably celebrating her about to happen 29th birthday, Audrina continues to show why great genes, the gym, and a tiny bikini can be a recipe for popping eyeballs out of leering sockets left and right. Wow, she looks mighty fine. Audrina, call me. Through sheer coincidence, I'm just as available today as I was eight years ago. Enjoy.

Audrina Patridge Sideboob Delights Republic Records Party

When you think music industry, you definitely think Audrina Patridge. I'm pretty sure she released a craptastic dance single at some point in her reality starlet timeline. And, more importantly, when you invite her to a post-Grammy's party, she will come dressed to kill with a solid bit of sideboob on display. That's the perfect party guest really.

Audrina Patridge may have trouble with the more complicated words and things, but she has no trouble looking ridiculously hot in anything tight and showy and revealing. She does keep herself in rather fine female form. Show it off, Audrina, the music business needs it now more than ever. We will be listening, err, watching. Enjoy.

Audrina Patridge Short Shorts, Long Legs, A Perfectly Passion Inducing Match

Let it not be said that Audrina Patridge doesn't have incredibly creamy legs. Hmm, creamy may not be the right word for Audrina, perhaps for the ogler of this former Hills star's long and toned legs, shown off in a pair of short shorts around town.

We've often had trouble through the years interpreting Audrina's mall girl speech patterns, but we've never had trouble admiring her incredibly righteous body, all the way down to her perfect games. I'm not sure what she's shopping for, but if there's any power in my prayers, it'll be even shorter shorts to wear out tomorrow. It's a good time to have eyeballs. Enjoy.

Audrina Patridge Smoking Hot Bikini Pictures for Fitness Gurls Magazine

Say what you will about Audrina Patridge, you would not say 'no' to her ever asking you if you'd like to see her in her latest bikini. Unless you're dead inside. And you're not. You're alive, so revel in the Audrina Patridge hot body show put on in Fitness Gurls Magazine where the former Hills star and all-around bubbly bikini girl shows why she's still in very high demand and quite popular in late night REM sleep dreams.

It's easy to make fun of Audrina the airhead, it's even easier to ogle Audrina the ridiculously hot bikini model. I like to do a little of both, but mostly the latter because he who faps last faps the best. I always say, as of now. Enjoy.

Audrina Patridge Pink Bikini in Maui Signals the Holiday Leers

Audrina Patridge decided to extend her Christmas vacation to Maui by a couple extra bikinis, and why not. When you have a body like Audrina, you are bound by some law, natural or state, to bare your bikini body a certain number of days of the year to serve your fellow man.

Serve Audrina did in a pink top that signaled oglers far and wide to gaze upon her chestal goodness. Audrina may not always be thinking such deep thoughts, but with a deep low hung bikini bottom, well, that's more than enough profundity. Keep on keeping on, Audrina. Enjoy.

Audrina Patridge Bikini Pictures For the Mele Kalikimaka Sextastic

Audrina Patridge may often be at a loss for words that make sense in her native tongue, but she's never without her wicked hard bikini body. She takes it with her everywhere, including Hawaii over the weekend where the former Hills star showed off in not one, but two different cleavage and booty baring little two-pieces for the benefit of gentleman ogler's in the 50th state.

I'd go ahead and slap a photo of her tush cheeks on a tourism board brochure right now. I'm just about ready to drop everything and jet off to the islands to catch her cans in wiggly motion. It could only get better if her hot mom was there with her (we'll keep an eye out for that). Enjoy.

Bella Twins and Audrina Patridge Busting Out the Busty Hotness for Vegas Pimping

It's getting to be serious pimping time in Sin City, heading toward Christmas and New Years when Las Vegas really goes big. So a couple of big guns were brought in the form of the outstanding Bella Twins who brought out their chesty goodness to promote the opening of the Sugar Factory in Town's Square. I'm not sure what the Sugar Factory is, I just now I'd like to spend a day there with the Bella Twins developing lots of cavities.

The Bellagio hired Audrina Patridge to put on something low cut and slinky and leathery naughty and pimp one of their entertainment venues. Again, I have no idea what it was, I just know I want to spend the evening there with Audrina and see if leather really is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A second skin to unwrap. She did look quite good. I hope they got their money's worth. Enjoy.