Athletes in the Weed Hall of Fame – Josh Howard

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michael-garcia - April 21, 2012

Since it's 4/20 and a lot of people seem to have weed on their minds (many of you literally), let's look at some athletes who belong in the weed hall of fame.

Josh Howard been in the NBA since the 2003-04 season and has been a quality player. But Howard raised his visibility in 2008 when he told Michael Irvin during an interview on ESPN radio that he likes to smoke weed during the offseason.

In fact, Howard told Irvin that a lot of guys in the NBA smoked the ganj. Not that it was some huge shock, but nobody had really been that free to admit it before. Howard went on to say that his offseason smoking did affect how he did his job. 

So here's to Josh, not just for smoking weed, but also for being so honest about it.

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