AT-ATs: Now Powered By Xbox Controllers

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chris-littlechild - December 15, 2015

After The Empire Strikes Back's Battle of Hoth, the Imperial engineers had to have a damn good word with themselves. ‘The AT-ATs are clumsy mothereffers, aren't they? That tow cable business was just embarrassing. What the hell were we thinking?'  They were lucky they won. Vader isn't the kind of guy who excuses dumbassery in his underlings, after all. He's the kind of guy who crushes their windpipes from right across the damn room using just a little pinchy hand gesture.

When your big ol' stompy death machines are defeated by teeny snowspeeders, something has to change. And it did. A new way of utilising the AT-ATs was devised; they were back more formidable and frightening than ever.

They were… controlled with an Xbox 360 controller. I don't know if this enhanced their killing power or whatever (it's sure as hell no more mobile, as it shambles along at 0.00001kmph), but when it comes to intergalactic warfare you've got to be resourceful. Kudos for trying this, Empire science-dudes:

Now that's awesome. What you're looking at here is a vintage 1981 Kenner AT-AT, modded with a little technical jiggery-pokery from Dave Stein. Why wasn't official movie merch this cool thirty years ago?

Via Prosthetic Knowledge.

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