Ashley Greene Sexy Sweaty Stretchy After Hot Body Workout

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bill-swift - February 10, 2012

Oh, Ashley Greene, how we want to take you to our Motel 6 suite with a six pack of Chalupas and a twelve pack of Dos Equis and show you how to do the forbidden dance of love, even removing your imprisoning manacles from time to time when you show signs of good behavior.

The uber-hottie Ashley Greene is getting all slender and hard bodied again, which can only mean one thing: yep, she's making the sexy with somebody (not named 'me') and this is somewhat disappointing. Though the clear upside is seeing Ashley once more on a good run of form fitting sweaty workout clothes, the kind of visual sight that makes us consider joining a new gym where we don't have a reputation for accidentally walking into the ladies locker room, twice.

Ashley Greene is just plain old hot. And, now sweaty. It's really too much to bear. Enjoy.