Ariel Winter Cleavage a Do Wacka Do

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brian-mcgee - September 29, 2017

Ariel Winter is worthy and deserving of a good do wacka do every now and again. She's an all-time great in my book and all-time greats deserve all-time great songs for their hot pics. Many people of my generation first became aware of Roger Miller thanks to the greatest Disney animated film of them all, Robin Hood, where he voiced the storytelling rooster. Today I've got one of his greatest singles ever for you to enjoy, the delightful earworm "Do Wacka Do."

Ariel's got a killer rack. It's the kind of thing that has to have made both Ed O'Neill and Ty Burrell uncomfortable on set on many occasions. I wonder how many do wacka dos those two have had over her. I kid. But not really. This is Al Bundy we're talking about here. And did you see Ty Burrell in that Dawn of the Dead remake? He was a madman in that movie, he's definitely down.

Anyway, here's a great theme song for you to listen to while you leaf through these hot new pictures of Ariel Winter looking incredible as always. And whatever else you do, make sure you do wacka do wacka do...

Photo Credit: Splash News