Ariana Grande Uses Tush and Legs to Crack the Christmas Concert Seal

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bill-swift - November 20, 2014

Well, it is mid November so Christmas is like tomorrow or something. Time to crack open the start of Yuletide concert series with our minxy curvaceous feline hottie, Ariana Grande, strutting around the stage for a Very Grammy Christmas performance. The Grammy's are in February unless I'm mistaken, but I suppose there's nobody that doesn't love a good Xmas tie-in for their promotional efforts. And I'm hardly complaining at any opportunity to see my belusted Ariana Grande in her various skin right outfits preening and posing about on stage as she croons what I'm sure is an invaluable addition to the world of classic music.

I'm up for pretty much Ariana Grande anything. Christmas concert in mid-November. Conjugal visits to me in my minimum security penitentiary for what will be described as serial panty drawer raiding. I'm ready for Ariana any time all the time. She doesn't even have to sing. In fact, I'm going to recommend that. Just those little furry outfits will do fine. Bless you, Ariana. And, naturally, Merry Christmas. Enjoy.