Anna Faris Yellow Bikini On Set

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aldo-vallon - July 12, 2017

Although recently cast in the shadow of her husband, Chris Pratt, it is important to remember that Anna Faris has plenty to bring to the table herself. Despite nearly two decades in the business she has retained everything that made audiences fall for her: A rocking bod, bleach blonde hair, and a comedic dedication that even Lucille Ball would have trouble keeping up with.  

Sporting aviators on a beach might make one think she was screen testing for an all-female remake of Top Gun, but put your fear to rest, it is only the much sought after remake of Overboard. A fitting role for her considering it was originally played by Goldie Hawn, an actress she greatly resembles. If you are not familiar, or if you just want a reminder, do yourself a favor and run a search on a young Goldie. Just be sure to do it in private.   

Nothing looks more at home on a beach than a bikini-clad blonde. Well, maybe the Brazilian volleyball team, but that is a discussion to be had at a different place at a different time, after extensive research.