Ana Braga See Through Swimsuit for Prurient Peeks

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bill-swift - July 10, 2017

Ana Braga of Brazilian boobtastic fame went for the see-through bathing suit at the beach in L.A. over the weekend because, well, because, she wants you to appreciate the landscape. It's a higher order calling of veteran hotties who go to great lengths to wear little such that you might titillate that much more so. A blessing hardly in disguise.

Ana's curves were on full display in her barely beach legal swimsuit, which looked more like boudoir lingerie than ocean-ready gear. Likely that was her intention. Baywatch is overrated once they hit water. It's the jiggling on the beach where the big points are scored.

Ana, don't listen to the critics. The term "obvious" is just another way of saying, I'm checking you out constantly and my body parts are tingling. This is the height of anatomical synergy, ideally, yours against mine, to complete the circle. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Getty