Alessandra Ambrosio Major Hot Cleavage For amfAR Milan Fashion Week Gala

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bill-swift - September 22, 2017

Looking like a million bucks so so Dr. Evil time dated. Let's say Alessandra Ambrosio looked like a billion dollars sizzling in a top baring funbag blessing gown for the super fancy amfAR Gal in Milan aligned with the current Fashion Week trending there.

It's always Fashion Week somewhere. Meaning, there is no rest for the weary MILFtastic tremendous set like Alessandra, who is obliged to attend the black tie fundraisers that go along with the silly industries big showcases around the world. AmfAR traditionally brings in the biggest and most sextastic celebrity models to its red carpet runway. If you're on of the world's Top 50 models, it's not a question of if you will attend, it's what are you going to wear to give every male and Sapphic leaning woman within eyeshot a rush of blood to their fun time areas.

Alessandra works the carpet like almost no other mom around. That finely tuned body, naturally blessed genetics, and a few more inches of deep cut cleavage make her the star of the show. If you've  got $50,000 to buy a ticket, you might see her fake sipping champagne inside. For the rest of us, it's idolizing leers and dreams of hot mommy after the prom. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News