Bella Hadid Gives the Police the Finger!

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Echo Lawrence - August 6, 2020

Bella Hadid went for a stroll through the streets of NYC last night, she’s been living there in some million dollar condo and took her bodyguard’s with her on her night prowl. While out for her walk she came across a group of NYPD officers standing together without masks. Its unclear if Bella hates the cops or just hates people who don’t wear masks, but she called them goofy and gave them the finger!

Bella Hadid FTP

Bella Hadid FTP

Before starting beef with the NYPD, Bella shot these photos for Elle Magazine where she is looking like the epitome of an equestrian, washing off her horses and hanging around her moms farm house! Her sister Gigi shot the images and might just have a new career as a fashion photographer!

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  • danny says:

    Who will this idiot call when there’s an emergency I wonder.

  • Downsouth says:

    Just another, useless, irrelevant, pandering, leftist, fucktard

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