Yasmine Colt Pink Bikini Sextastic for Today’s 138 Water Shoot

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bill-swift - September 13, 2014

Venezuelan hottie Yasmine Colthas the complicated decision each morning she awakes in Aruba -- what color bikini shall I wear today? I suppose my job is even easier since I merely ogle Yasmine in whichever color she chooses, which would be perfectly pink for today's bikini body pimping time.

We only met Yasmine but a week ago and I already feel I know everything about her. Her favorite foods, her comfiest clothes to wear on a rainy Sunday, the secret spot on her body that makes her moan lightly that you would never even think to nibble. Okay, I don't know these, but I suppose I could learn quickly were Yasmine and I to somehow be holed up in an Aruban hill top retreat for a month during the rainy season with Yasmine complaining less and less about her manacles as each day passes. Everything I learned about love I learned from Kathy Bates in Misery. Enjoy.