Xenia Van Der Woodsen Boobalicious German Goddess

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brian-mcgee - August 4, 2017

German goddess Xenia Van Der Woodsen knows how to do St. Tropez right. When surrounded by one of the most beautiful locales in all the world, you've got to step up your game and show off your own natural beauty if you hope to compete with the view!

Sporting near Mr. T-levels of gold chains, Xenia shows off her terrifically toned and tanned body as she ascends some wooden steps and checks her messages, probably wondering if this article's been written about her yet. It's on its way, Xenia, I promise. 

I wonder what the world would be like if more people adopted Xenia's nonchalant attitude and just killed it each and every day. It would be a much better world to cover news for, I can tell you that much. Xenia should be a role model for Instagram models everywhere, lifting a lamp in a dark world, and showing them the way toward the light. If she can shine like this in one of the most beautiful places on earth, imagine what she must do when standing on a street in Detroit. Somewhere that kid from American Beauty is crying about how he can't handle so much beauty. 

Photo Credit: Backgrid