WTF is up with Sienna Miller and Jude Law!?

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bill-swift - September 27, 2006

AARRGH! Sienna Miller is driving me crazy! Not only because she still hasn't shown up to my apartment wearing nothing but a spatula (don't ask), but also because she keeps breaking up and getting back together with Jude Law. If I have to write about being on again and off again one more time, I swear I'll, well, okay, I'm not going to do anything, but I still don't get it. I also don't get how they think having Sienna's mother pose between them will fool anyone into thinking they're not together, as Sky Showbiz reports.

The couple were in New York for the opening of the Metropolitan Opera, but were careful not to be photographed together.

Sienna's mum was well positioned between the two lovebirds - denying photographers the pic they all wanted.

Ms Miller locked arms with her mum as they walked the red carpet and happily chatted away with Jude.

So yeah, the happy couple, or unhappy couple, depending on the time of day, acting like a happy couple who aren't really a couple. It all makes my head hurt. At least Sienna still looks stunning. That helps with the pain.