Wonder Woman May Rise Again, As These Other Sexy Comic Book Women Make Something Else Rise

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bill-swift - September 11, 2012

I'm really not sure how could do you any better than Adrianne Palicki as everyone's favorite Amazonian goddess. Even though her David E. Kelley-created pilot of Wonder Woman never made it past pilot stage, the CW is trying their hand at it now with a Smallville-esque prequel version. Whereas the past incarnation had Palicki established already in our world already, this newer version would be set just as Diana is getting her start here on Earth.

At the very least that means that the role would most likely go to a very young, very sexy ingenue. One we hope is of legal consenting age in the State of California when the show goes into production. Because as any man knows, it doesn't get better than a cute girl with that lasso and bust, er costume.

Is Wonder Woman the most fappable of comic book creations? Check out the gallery to see other women from the pages of Marvel and DC who throw their own hat into the race.

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