William Shatner Wants to Save Star Trek

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bill-swift - November 9, 2005

William Shatner (aka The Man) thinks he can bring back the glory days of the Star Trek franchise. The former centerpiece of the sci-fi universe said he's writing some new novels that pre-date the original series by a decade or two.

I'm writing a couple of books on the adolescent Captain Kirk/Spock thing as a prequel. It's also an idea for CBS to use as the next series of Star Trek.

Yes, that's right, Kirk and Spock as teenagers. What's this going to be about, their wacky adventures trying to meet girls? And didn't Kirk grow up in Iowa (yes, I've seen Star Trek IV a few times)? How's this going to work? Every week Kirk convinces Spock to steal his dad's spaceship for a weekend joyride? It could be like Ferris Bueller in space. Actually, that would rock.

Spock: "Jim, Ambassador Sarek is going to kill me if you scratch is shuttlecraft."

Kirk: "We'll just fly around the sun at Warp speed, and it'll be like we never left."

Here are my casting suggestions:

As "Captain" Kirk (Oh yeah, he wouldn't even be Captain yet!): Chris Pratt from Everwood. Just cocky and dumb enough to pull it off.

As Spock: Justin Long (Ed, Dodgeball) trying to reconcile his vulcan side with his human side, and those new found urges toward the opposite sex.