Why You Should Never Tattoo A Lover’s Name On Your Face

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bill-swift - February 6, 2013

A woman with terrible judgement tattooed a dude's name on her face after their first date. Yes. Russian student, (of course), Lesya Toumaniantz met Rouslan Toumaniantz in an online chatroom and "fell in love". She changed her name before they even met mind you. After the first time they met in person, he talked her into forever carving his long ass name on her face. It seems like it's this dude's MO. He got in trouble in 2009 when he tattooed 56 stars his ex-girlfriend's face while she slept. How you sleep through that is beyond me. I guess he has a tattooing a chick's face fetish, which seems awfully specific. While it's easy to think that this girl is nuts, I'm of the opinion that tattooing any significant other's name is a bad idea. Have you ever known that to work out OK? The instant that the needle begins embedding the name of your beloved into your skin you have doomed the relationship. You are basically daring the fates to screw you. Perhaps in a week or 15 years, you will regret it. I give this girl 10 minutes before she wishes she wasn't so stupid.

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