Whitney Port Bikini Booty Vacation Continues in Miami

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bill-swift - December 10, 2014

I'm certain Whitney Port is in Miami for something related to that conspicuously consumptive Art Basel event going on this week along the city's beach front. I'm also certain it's been a pleasure seeing the fashion reality star back to her bikini form this week after such a long absence from our little site here. I may not have any understanding of what Whitney does or how she makes her living or who her fans are, but I do know tall girls with sweet butts in bikinis. I mean, I don't know them as well I would like, but I know them well enough to leer head to toe and then back up again and repeat until satisfied.

Whitney has maintained her sweet bikini form in her absence, something I can't claim for my own self thanks to my desperate love of pudding and beer. Nevertheless, everybody has their role to play in this great drama we call life. Whitney is doing hers ever so nicely and cleavetastically along the beach in Miami. Bravo on the performance. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlyNet