When The Oculus Rift Founder Delivers Your Fancy Techtastic In Person

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chris-littlechild - March 29, 2016

  When it comes to naming professions, we like to keep it simple. A pizza guy/gal, it’s usually safe to say, won’t be conducting the Buenos Aires philharmonic orchestra or cleaning out your shit-clogged toilet. They’ll be bringing you pizzas, that’s what they’ll be doing. You see what I’m getting at with this? The clue’s in the title.  

A delivery guy/gal, meanwhile, will be delivering stuff. Except when Palmer Luckey’s around, because that guy’s having none of that.

I’ll be damned if some random delivery guy will deliver the first Rift, the founder of the company said prior to Oculus Rift’s commercial release yesterday. He wasn’t kidding either; his quest to have that honor personally took him to Alaska last weekend.

It’s not the best time for the big bossman of the company to be out of the office, but Luckey’s not the kind of dude to give any effs about that. He had a mission to hand-deliver the first retail machine, and he was damn well going to do it.

Luckey’s lucky (see what I did there?) ‘winner’ was Ross Martin, the buyer who was first to have his online purchase finalized. He got some fairly standard looking ‘order confirmed, expect delivery on this date’ type emails, with no idea of the kind of crazitude that was coming his way.

Here’s how the whole thing went down:



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