When Actresses Turn to Stripping to Pay the Bills

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bill-swift - August 23, 2012

Last night you were treated to photos of everyone's favorite ex-Disney star basically wrap her legs behind the ears of her Mouseketeer hat with leaked images of Vanessa Hudgens in the trailer for Frozen Ground, a trailer deemed too racy to live on Youtube. Has the Pussy Riot fiasco not taught you anything about what it should mean to live in a Democracy, Youtube? For shame.

But let's be honest, when an actress is ready to ride that pole, she's doing it for one reason and one reason only: To put asses in the seats. Because as cool as a movie about Nicolas Cage hunting a serial killer played by John Cusack could be, it's exponentially more cool seeing Vanessa thrash around on stage like the rent's due in the morning.

And seeing her do it and do it so well got us thinking about our other favorite luscious ladies who knew if anyone was gonna see the crummy independent film their agents talked them into doing, they were going to have to strip it off and dance, dance, dance!

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