Vanessa Hudgens Stripper Stllls from 'Frozen Ground' Too Hot for YouTube, Just Right for Us (VIDEO)

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Well, apparently, this preview of the upcoming Alaskan serial killer movie Frozen Ground starring Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, and our belusted Vanessa Hudgens, was too hot for YouTube and accordingly yanked. Considering we've lost 17 YouTube accounts due to material that might cause yanking, we can relate.

However, just because you can't see Vanessa Hudgens playing a victimized stripper on YouTube doesn't mean we're not going to show it to you here on your home for uncensored goodness, because after showing so many pictures of Vanessa Hudgens hitting the gym, it's about time you saw what she was working for in her bending, stretching, and rolling role as a pole dancer in the Great White North.

I already officially love this movie. Enjoy.

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