Wendy Williams Stroke… Of Ratings Genius!

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brian-mcgee - November 2, 2017

Live television packs plenty of risk into an already risky formula. It's part of what makes live television so exciting. Literally anything can happen, like Wendy Williams passing out while coming back from a commercial break during her live Halloween show. Check it out...








Crazy stuff, right? I love how she says, “That was not a stunt,” as if anyone at home thought that her stroking out like Nate from Six Feet Under was staged. Thankfully she managed to get back up and finish the show. What a trooper! 

Anyway, it's always fun when someone passes out on national television, provided that we find out they were okay afterward. A buddy of mine was at the concert where Chuck Berry collapsed, and he said that for a good fifteen or twenty minutes, everyone there thought they had just seen a legend die on stage. Thankfully no legends died on stage that day and the other day. Here's to brighter futures and looser costumes in the future!

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