Victoria Beckham Will Not Smile, She Will Not Eat, But She Does Still Doll Up Nice for a Night Out

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bill-swift - July 11, 2012

Victoria Beckham has added staring forlorn into the gutter to her body language S.O.P. in recent weeks, as the girl who seems to have it all continues to look like somebody just sank her battleship (and we can only imagine what that means when the cameras are off -- it's not Yahtzee and giggles time in the Beckham home).

Nevertheless, there's no denying that Posh knows how to dress up posh and make a sweet showing for the paparazzi as she did last evening at a birthday party for Simon Fuller, the dude who made a sick fortune inventing Pop Idol and American Idol TV shows, and now gets the pleasure of seeing the candles on his birthday cake doused by the wet blanket known as Victoria Beckham. Enjoy.