Vanessa Hudgens Almost Drops Her Bikini Top in Hawaii, We Almost Blow Our… Stacks

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bill-swift - January 27, 2012

There are two things you can get drunk on in life. One obviously being booze or other potent potables; the other being the making of the sexy day and night. Either can make you pretty stupid, the combination of both just puts you into the silly stupid mental state.

Vanessa Hudgens is in a silly stupid mental state these days. And she's taken her pounding of the drinks and pounding of the beaver show to the Hawaiian islands where she continues with the goofy grins and PDAs with her D-list thespianic boyfriend, all of which could be quite sickening were it not for her absent-minded almost dropping of her bikini top, which more than caught our peeping lens attention.

Despite her smallish frame, Vanessa manages a very solid bikini frontside and backside show these days, and when the hands go into emergency mode for bare boobtastic coverage, why the sights become nearly epic. Nearly. We know Vanessa Hudgens can get far showier when she gets into silly stupid mode, and we'd expect something even better in short order. Enjoy.