Vanessa Hudgens Pictures Wet and Sultry in Details Magazine (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - February 11, 2011

When a hot celebrity beard breaks free of her toughest role ever, you've got to expect her to bust out in a seriously hetero way, and Vanessa Hudgens has done that, all wet and hot in black lingerie for coming month's edition of Details magazine. Wow. Just plain old-fashioned hot. I've been waiting for this sextastic breakout for the hottie former Disney starlet for so long now, the day is finally here and I just want to cry, but in a manly way. Like slow, breathless sobs, covered by the sound of my Def Leppard iTunes library. Vanessa Hudgens is one sexy young actress and this is one wonderful moment. No putting the genie back in the bottle. Enjoy.

And, the must-see video of the Details photoshoot, must-see if you must-see more of Vanessa Hudgens all wet and sexy.