Una Healy Sexy Promotional Pictures Grow Your Collection of Ginger Hotness

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bill-swift - November 2, 2010

There is something uniquely sextacular about Una Healy. Okay, sure, maybe you have your own personal preference for hottest member of The Saturdays, mine is definitely the sultry ginger. You know I'm partial to redheads for starters, and seeing her amazing boobs in those topless pool pictures from Ibizia this past summer, well, I'm in full on U.K. pop diva lust like I haven't felt perhaps since the prime time sexual peaking of the Spice Girls. These Una Healy promotional pictures aren't super memorable, but Una's sex appeal sure is. Tattooed into my forebrain like a hot metal brand of awesome squeezed up my sinus cavity. Hmm, that seems extreme, even for me. Enjoy.