Tokyo Jungle Could Be the Cure for a Cynical Gaming Community and Industry (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - September 7, 2012

If your first experience with Sony's Tokyo Jungle is the video trailer above --and we suspect it is-- prepare to have your mind blown. The idea of animals trying to survive and become the next dominant species after the destruction of the human race is not only compelling but highly likely if this whole 2012 thing doesn't go our way.

You get to control a creature, fight for survival against other stressed out predators and prey and mate to keep your genes evolving forward. That's way beyond anything you'll see in The Sims.Why Pomeranians are even involved in the discussion, though, makes for a very compelling trailer. And, just so it's on the record: I love dogs, but I plan on carrying half a dozen Pomerians on my utility belt and using 'em like bait/fodder/distractions once Mad Max time gets here.