This Stick Gets Rid Hiccups So You Can Get On With It (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - November 1, 2012

Nothing kills the mood faster than saying the name of your ex or getting the hiccups. There's no way you can fix the first other than getting down on your knees and apologizing until your girl forgives you. Fortunately for the latter, there's this thing called the Hiccup Stick that promises to get rid of your hiccups within a couple of minutes.

It's basically a stick you're supposed to bite into while drinking a glass of water. By the time your glass is empty, your hiccups will be gone, too. At least, that's what they promised.

Apparently, it works by tensing up some muscles in your throat while you do the whole biting and swallowing thing. This stops the spasms in your diaphragm which basically cause the hiccups, and you're in the clear.

The sticks are being sold in packs of three for $19.99. I wonder, though, if you could just bite any random stick and get the same results.

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