This Guy Impersonating All Your Favorite Movie Characters Is the Most Amazing Thing You’ll See in the Next Five Minutes

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bill-swift - December 31, 2013

If computer generated imagery ever gets so good that digital characters can replace regular human beings, or if we ever develop fully-functioning humanoid robots that somehow do not take over the world, British comedian and impressionist Charlie Hopkinson is going to get a lot of work. That's because Hopkinson can do impersonations of at least 40 famous movie characters (well, 39 movie characters and one lame soccer coach) that are so good they'll make you do a double take.

Personally, I'd love it if actual actors became obsolete. Maybe if they didn't have to pay guys like Johnny Depp $30 million to be in Pirates of the Caribbean 7: Are We Still Doing This?, it wouldn't cost $12.50 to go see that turd of a movie.

I'm not going to hold my breath on that, though, and Hopkinson shouldn't, either. He should probably just keep doing his YouTube impressions of Morgan Freeman and hope to collect some ad revenue.