There’s a Whole Freaking Lot of Racing in the Latest ‘The Crew’ Trailer (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - April 10, 2014

Now, when you buy a racing game, it's not unreasonable to expect to be doing a mid-to-moderate amount of... racing. Perhaps even a lot of it. You want to be balls deep in this whole driving business, or we're all just wasting our effing time here. What kind of a bastard would release a racing game without any racing in it? Nuts to that.

Well fear not, buddy boy. There's no deficit of drivetacular here. The Crew is back, and it's burning rubber all the way across these United States of ours. The game has been lacking in the PRtastic for quite a while, but here's a spangly new trailer for our eyeballs to... suck on. Or something.

The clip above follows the usual template: it tells you slightly less than eff all about the game itself, but it's big on the melodrama. From what we can discern, though, if you want to take in all manner of U.S landmarks at shit-your-pants speeds, The Crew will have you covered.

Look out for this fancy-ass new breed of social racer later this year.

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