The ‘Street Fighter II Defeated Face Collection’ Are The Saddest Toys You Ever Saw

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chris-littlechild - April 21, 2016

  As long-time gamers will know, collectibles are a big part of the whole thing. I don’t mean you have to have North America’s largest collection of Pokemon plush toys (not that I’m judging your poor life choices if you do), it’s just so easy to accumulate this sort of stuff.  

Where video games are concerned, ‘collectibles’ can mean anything and everything. Figures, artbooks, soundtrack CDs and such are the more conventional, less-batshit examples; the sorts of things you tend to find in special editions of new releases.

For the real nerdly collector, though, that’s far too easy. Far too mainstream. You’ve got to think outside the box a little. When I’m working, I write my notes with a Resident Evil-branded ‘blood pen,’ and I thought I was cool for that. I was not, friends. I was not. You want to know what cool looks like? It looks like this, right here.

Yep, this is a thing. Remember Street Fighter 2’s famous YOU MUST DEFEAT MY DRAGON PUNCH TO STAND A CHANCE continue screens? With your character looking like they’d just been hit in the face by the Chrysler Building? Come August, you’ll be able to collect teeny models of each fighter’s sad, broken face as gashapon (those lil’ capsule machines) toys.

It all seems a little maudlin to me, but damn do they look nicely made. You can check them out over on Kotaku, if this sort of thing is your bag.

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